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First Day of the Year Party

I personally never liked New Year’s Eve and the obligatory fun it forces upon people. It threatens one with superstitions like a bully in High School, “Have an awesome time or else the rest of the year will suck!” Under the pressure of getting into a celebratory mood and witnessing others simply forging excitement,  I never truly enjoyed myself.

A few years ago, I was on my way to a party when a man threw himself on the front window of the cab, refused to get off and held on for dear life, screaming as the driver kept on driving. It was then that I decided to never go out on the night of December 31st. It was a personal choice that was made in an attempt to avoid everything that I associated with New Year’s Eve – people throwing up their colorful cocktails, drunk men clumsily making a case for kissing as an insurance for a good year, and fighting with hormonal teenagers for a taxi on my desperate quest to just get back home.

From that year on, I simply stay at home. I make a lavish dinner and keep my door open to whoever would like to join. It always starts with only a couple of friends, then accumulates into a big sleep-over party with lots of laughter and heart to hearts. The next morning, I always wake up to a sweet sense of reassurance that I made the right choice, delighted by what a lovely tradition this is becoming.

This year however, I will be with family. Happily. Yet I couldn’t put the domestic ambitions of the mad hostess within me to rest. When I told a dear friend that I was actually itching to throw a soirée, he cleverly suggested, “Why not the next day?” And why not indeed?

Taking advantage of the weekend following the first day of the year, I decided to follow his advise. Instead of a sit-down dinner, I will be hosting an Open Buffet lunch (a late lunch… a very late lunch!), that would allow us not only to celebrate the First Day of the Year, but also the First Hangover of the Year… as a realist would expect.

As this time of year brings a toasty sense of joy and generosity, I wanted to share with you a few suggestions and give you a glimpse of what’s going on in my head – the side of my mind that is conflictingly romantic, insubordinate in its annoying tendency to turn the decorative use of a fresh rosemary into a philosophical dilemma – as I blissfully dwell in the preparations.

Hope you have a genuinely fabulous time, no matter how you choose to spend it. Let’s say Cheers to the New Year!