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Aerin Fragrance Collection

After years of flirting with various candidates, I fell in love. I had found the one, and I told myself that when I commit to a relationship, I am loyal till the end. We blissfully became one. People wondered about us. Strangers stopped me on the streets, on occasion even chased after me to ask with great urgency what in the world our secret was. I proudly obliged, “It’s Narciso Rodriguez, For Her Eau de Toilette.

Choosing the right perfume for yourself is an intimate affair. As Christian Dior famously said, “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” When you become synonymous with a scent, even the faintest trace of it has the power to evoke memories of you in the minds of others. That fragrance becomes your signature.

The last time I was in New York, I was browsing through a beauty store and I was captivated by Aerin‘s fragrance collection. Alluring both strength and femininity with its stone inspired, pastel colored stoppers, the clarity of the bottles looked so clean and inviting. “Would you like to try?” the lady behind the counter asked, and though I felt like I was cheating on Narciso, with the rush of intoxicating florals surrounding me I said, “Why not?” and my hand reached for Iris Meadow.

iris meadowWith its rich woody tones sweetly accompanied with Blackcurrant and Egyptian Jasmine, it was like escaping from the customary hustle and bustle of the city and entering into a peaceful, luscious garden instead. That’s how wild love affairs start. It made me feel new, fresh and pretty. It made me fantasize about where I want to go in life, capturing the essence of the kind of woman I continuously strive to become.

No matter how certain we may be of ourselves, we constantly evolve in the direction of our dreams and experiences. Through time, we are inevitably transformed, and the first signs of our metamorphosis tend to show on the outside (easier), and then travel within through our actions. A new haircut, a sudden boldness to wear bright red, a new upholstery for the couch at home…

As I notice a peculiar change restlessly stir within me – a self-labeled city girl now feeling the urgency to retrieve to nature, a host and guest of many wild parties now wishing to be surrounded by only a select number of closest friends and family, drowned byaerin self-doubt and now swimming ashore with self-assurance – I suppose it was inevitable for me to respond so personally to something that would ultimately reflect that evolution through the most ancient and effective sense of all. Smell.

For me, what differentiated Aerin’s collection from the zillion spritz of brands that are popularly sprayed on us at department stores, is the collection’s purity and lightness. It doesn’t smell like you put on a perfume, it smells like your skin is naturally emitting this gorgeous aroma, each of which is  unique in its essence, capturing a different mood. A different season…

waterlily sunlilac pathHow enticing for Lilac Path, with additional notes of Jasmine, Angelica seed and Orange Blossom to preserve that delicate time of year when lilacs appear, announcing the end of winter, only to swiftly leave us again with the rest of spring to follow. How bohemian of Waterlily Sun to balance the deep intensity of the sun with Sicilian Bergamot and Jasmine Sambac, and the sweetness of its warmth with Musk.

amber muskgardenia rattanOr Amber Musk’s spicy pairing with Rose Centifolia Absolute and delicious Coconut Water, that make our coziest winter memories – mulled wine, snow, blankets – linger on our skin. The mood completely changes when a spray of Gardenia Attan takes us right back to that perfect day on the beach with its feminine blend of white flowers like Gardenia, Tuberose and Tiare Tahiti.

I think what makes them even more special is the creator Aerin Lauder herself. The granddaughter of Estée Lauder, she doesn’t simply function as the heiress and face of the brand. Because she carries the family legacy with such nostalgia, thoughtfulness and love, the collection becomes much more intimate. Each bottle tells a story.

evening roseikat jasmineI love for instance how Evening Rose, which is a lavish combination of Cognac and Rose, was inspired by her grandfather who always drank cognac in the evenings, and how Aerin in her grandfather’s safe arms, would slip her finger in his drink and he wouldn’t even care… Or how the timeless Ikat Jasmine, enriched with the soft touch of Tuberose Fleur and Honeysuckle, was created with her grandmother’s love of classic color combo, blue & white in mind. Or how her earliest memory goes back to when Estée’s perfume would fill up the car when she got in it… I love that.

Scents are our memories. They’re about capturing a moment. Reminiscence. They are also about who we are becoming. As Coco Chanel sternly advised, “A woman who wears no perfume has no future.” A fragrance of our choice will create new memories as we hug our friend welcome at the airport, leave a trace of ourselves on our lover’s shirt, or fill a space,  like a car, with our signature. This is why one must pay attention to scent. A perfume is about individuality. Character. Exhibiting a mood and sending a message.

So what’s going to happen to this ménage à trois between me, Narciso Rodriguez and the newly found Aerin Lauder? Well, I’m learning that change is alright, even necessary. Seasons change and so we do. So does our priorities, desires, strengths and weaknesses. But our core remains the same. Narciso is like my core. Like a perfect pair of skinny jeans that I know will always flatter me. Like a little black dress that I know will never fail me. Aerin on the other hand, is my potential. My fantasy. My ever-changing aura. In a bottle a reminder, of how I’d like the future to smell.

Why not?